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IP Management Simplified

An intuitive drag-and-drop tool to take control of your patent mining process

*filled with preloaded data to try & explore various features.

Why We Built TIP Tool?

Difficult Collaboration

Teamwork fails as email has no version control or transparency

Security Risk

Passing around documents via email poses the risk of data breach or worse

No Single Source of Truth

Difficult to track innovation as it passes through many hands

No Process Control

Manual processes lack visibility and tracking of innovation through to patent filing

Complex Forms

Inventors won't engage where confusion intimidates

Expensive Solutions

Current idea management software provides too little value for the cost

IP Management Software that is easy to learn and extremely powerful.

The TIP Tool™ is designed to provide you with a simplified way of capturing, tracking, and managing your innovation without friction, thus making you in control of your entire IP management process. 

Best of all, you don’t need to be a patent expert to use the TIP Tool.

Here is how the TIP Tool simplifies IP management

Register yourself without any hassle

Register yourself to start capturing your innovation! It’s that simple. 

More complex on-boarding to support legacy systems is optionally available too.


Capture your ideas with a simple form

Gain visibility into the different stages of your innovation workflow

Work together as a team

Empower your team to collect innovation disclosure documents while providing visibility to all users

Manage access rights of your team


The Perfect IP Management Solution For You

Inventor Triangle IP

Individual Inventors

Innovation Manager Triangle IP


Prosecutor Triangle IP

Patent Practitioners

Explore the different features of the tool before you make a decision

Why to use Simulated Version?

Preloaded Data

Comes with a preloaded set of data that you can play with to check out various features of the tool.

Right Fit

Before signing up for the main tool, simulated version helps you to check if TIP Tool is the right fit for your organization.