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IP Management Software for Patent Practitioners

Why TIP Tool is the best IP management solution for Patent Practitioners?

Work together as one team

Innovators collaborate within the enterprise or with any outside expert like patent practitioners to transparently exchange information and drafts securely through the tool.

Secure your data on U.S. servers

Customer data is completely secured with on-shore servers with access locked to the domain of your enterprise.

Nobody has access to customer data unless authorized.

Prioritize ideas with value ranking

Have more innovation than budget?

A value score for each idea allows deciding which ones to move forward with and which ones to hold for the time being.

Easily search your ideas using tags

Tag your ideas according to technology domain, product, teams or any internal terminologies that you may have to make them easily searchable within the tool.

Approve ideas with just a click

After management has decided to pursue an idea, the TIP Tool™ gives you the ability to approve the idea.

Once the idea is approved, the TIP Tool prevents inventors from deleting the idea.

Archive ideas without losing them

Once an idea has been filed, TIP Tool allows you to archive the idea so that you can focus on other ideas still under consideration in the workflow pipeline.

The Perfect Patent Management Solution For You

For startups to giants, Triangle IP equips you with everything required to manage patents collaboratively and efficiently.
TIP Tool has changed the game for us. Its simple setup and real-time idea tracking make teamwork and innovation seamless.
James Anderson, Startup Founder
Love how the TIP Tool simplifies my invention process. Easy detail capture and idea ranking helps focus where it matters.
Sarah Miller, Individual Inventor
TIP Tool makes managing innovations a breeze, with its easy forms, smooth teamwork, and tags that let us find ideas fast.
Michael Johnson, Innovation Manager
TIP Tool streamlines the patent process beautifully, making idea sorting and client data security effortless.
Emily Williams, Patent Practitioner

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