Triangle IP

Get a Pulse of Your Idea and Patent Pipeline

The TIP tool provides you a holistic view of ideas, inventor activity, manager activity, filed applications, and patents. It also offers role specific dashboards for your inventors, managers, and patent practitioners.

Stay on Top of the Innovations Happening at Your Enterprise

Get a Glimpse of IP Creation Efforts by Your Team

Get overall list of ideas submitted and patents filed by your team on a single platform. See which innovator is working on what.

Identify Promising Inventors & Managers

Gather information specific to your organization with modified fields. You can add more fields, edit, delete or hide existing fields.

Give Role Specific Access

Your inventors and managers may want to keep a track of their IP activity to stay aligned with their KPIs. The TIP tool provides role-specific dashboards to do so.

Identify Bottlenecks

An idea needs your attention if it stays in ideation and vetting stage for a longer time than expected.

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