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10 Companies in Sustainable Packaging with Award-Winning Innovations

Every year, the world produces more than 430 million tonnes of plastic, out of which about 36% of single-use plastic comes from the packaging sector.

Patent Based Lending- Leading U.S. Banks Considering Patents as Collaterals 

In 2022, the U.S. saw a staggering $836 billion increase in the value of intangible assets, including Intellectual Property (IP), spotlighting their potential beyond mere

Top 5 Invention Disclosure Software to Streamline Your Patent Program in 2024

Ditching Excel or other makeshift methods for a specialized invention disclosure tool is a crucial pivot toward refining your patent strategy. Yet, it’s not a

Stop! Read This before Investing in Any Invention Disclosure Software

The global Intellectual Property software market is experiencing a significant growth and is expected to reach $22.7 billion by 2030.   This jump isn’t just out

Are Our Screens Talking To Our Nerves? Exploring The Intrigue Of U.S. Patent 6506148 B2

From the imaginative realms of science fiction, where technology has the power to tap into the human mind, comes a real-world patent that seems to

Decoding U.S. Patent 10130701: The Breakthrough In Poultry Virus Control

Joshua Lederberg, a renowned geneticist and microbiologist, once highlighted the formidable challenge viruses pose to humanity by saying, “The single biggest threat to man’s continued

U.S. Patent 10262281: How Dominos Unlocks New Efficiencies in Food Delivery?

In the bustling world of food delivery, timely and accurate updates are essential. Domino’s LLC addresses this need head-on with U.S. Patent 10262281, revolutionizing how

Why Should C-Suite Executives Look Beyond Spreadsheets for Reviewing IP Updates?

As patent portfolios expand, keeping up with the latest IP developments is crucial for C-suite executives. It’s essential for aligning IP strategy with business goals.

Strategies for Implementing Effective Innovation Pipeline Management 

Innovation is a double-edged sword for business leaders: it’s both a top priority and a major challenge. Surprisingly, 70% to 90% of innovations don’t hit

U.S. Patent 4686605- Is It A Game Changer For Geoengineering? 

Imagine a world where we can control the weather. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the groundbreaking idea behind U.S. Patent 4686605. Dubbed as one of

10 IP (Intellectual Property) Conferences to Attend in 2024 in the USA

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property (IP) is crucial in today’s innovation-driven economy. With the United States’ IP valued at an impressive $7.8 trillion,

20 Ways Of Using ChatGPT For Innovation

Since November 2022, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. The platform has gained one million users in just five days of its launch. Fast

Innovation Strategy: How To Develop One For Your Organization and Best Practices

Struggling with innovation? You’re in good company. Despite the widespread recognition of innovation’s significance for growth, a staggering 94% of global executives find their innovation

20 Award Winning Agricultural Innovations

Agriculture, our societal backbone, is in the midst of a tech revolution. In 2022, over $4.6 billion flooded into AgTech startups globally, backing innovations like

Beverage Packaging Innovation: 20 Examples from Around the World

The global beverage packaging market is set to reach $175.26 billion by 2025. What’s driving this growth? Innovation.  Packaging is more than just holding a

Top 20 Generative AI Tools For Innovation

Elon Musk once said, ‘Generative AI is the most powerful tool for creativity that has ever been created. It has the potential to unleash a
Innovation Culture

10 Trailblazing Companies Leading the Way in Innovative Culture 

Have you ever wondered how Amazon Prime ascended to a $35 billion empire and is still counting? Thank an empowered engineer named Charlie Ward, who
Innovation Quotes

Innovation Quotes: A Collection of 100 Insights to Challenge and Inspire

Innovation—what a liberating yet intimidating word. It’s the very fabric that has woven civilizations, transforming us from cave dwellers into space explorers. Every step we’ve
Best Books on Innovation

50 Best Books on Innovation That Will Fuel Your Creative Fire

Have you delved into ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ by Clayton Christensen? Probably you have. This renowned book isn’t just a bestseller; it’s a staple for global
Intrapreneurship Programs

10 Game-Changing Examples of Intrapreneurship Programs Driving Innovation in Leading Organizations

Gmail, Google News, and Google Adsense exist thanks to Google’s 20% intrapreneurship program. Employees got the time and resources to make these apps a reality.

5 Must-Explore Alternatives to Planview IdeaPlace in 2024

Planview IdeaPlace (formerly known as Spigit innovation management software), with a 4-star rating, has gained widespread adoption among over 500 enterprises globally. The tool’s patented

5 Best Viima Alternatives to Try for Idea and Patent Management in 2024

With a 4.9-star rating on Capterra, Viima is a widely used idea management software – that offers both SMEs and large enterprises to collect ideas

Hype Innovation Alternatives You Must Try in 2024 (+ Reviews)

According to McKinsey 84% of CEOs believe innovation is essential for businesses to thrive in today’s fast-paced market. But managing innovation can be complex and
Brightidea Alternatives Triangle IP

Top 3 Brightidea Alternatives You Must Know in 2024

Brightidea is a top idea management platform with 2.5 million users that connects and manages innovation initiatives, facilitates collaboration over ideas, and allows tracking progress. 
Free Idea Sharing Platforms

5 Best Free Idea Sharing Platforms to Try in 2023

The Internet is full of stories of innovation where breakthrough ideas came from non-R&D departments. An idea sharing platform that’s capable of capturing innovation enterprise
Enterprise Innovation Software

5 Top Enterprise Innovation Software to Checkout in 2023

Employers who turn to enterprise innovation software often do so because they struggle to manage patentable ideas using generic tools like Jira, Salesforce, and Asana.
Free Patent Cost Estimator

How to Estimate the Full Cost of Your Patent with this Free Patent Cost Estimator

To create a budget for your patenting efforts, you need accurate projections of what you will spend and when you will spend it. But the
Employee Innovation program

Employee Innovation Program: Best Practices to Implement it in Your Organization

A manager instills the innovation culture in a company by saying “Thank you.”  In a company in Japan, whenever an employee came up to the
patent family tree generator and visualization

Everything You Need to Know About Patent Family Trees and Patent Family Tree Generators

A patent family is a group of related patent applications. In most cases, a patent family covers related inventions or features. To take a simple
Patent Family Tree Generator Software

9 Features to Look for in a Patent Family Tree Generator Software

A patent family tree can provide valuable information about your patent portfolio and competitors’ patents. But manually mapping out a patent family tree is labor-intensive
Three Free Ways to Generate Patent Family Tree Visualizations

Three Free Ways to Generate Patent Family Tree Visualizations

Presently, the creation of patent family tree visualizations falls on the shoulders of patent lawyers and their paralegals, a process that involves extensive manual labor. 
Free Patent Family Tree Generator

How to Effortlessly Use the TIP Tool’s Free Patent Family Tree Generator

Free online patent family tree generators may have several shortcomings, including  1. Limited functionality: Free online patent family tree generators may have limited capabilities. It
Maximize Patent Prosecution Efficiency with the TIP Tool

How the TIP Tool Enables Enterprises to Maximize Patent Prosecution Efficiency?

Let’s say your quarterly target is to file patents for 35 inventions, and you have 40 invention disclosures to decide from. Which ones would you
Patent Management Tool for Enterprises - TIP Tool

Why We Set Out to Build The TIP Tool – The Best Idea and Patent Management Tool for Medium-Sized Enterprises

Intellectual property (IP) is often a company’s most valuable asset to protect future success. It’s the key to gaining a competitive edge, increasing your revenue
How To Reduce Dependence on Outside IP Counsel for Patent-Related Matters

How To Reduce Dependence on Outside IP Counsel for Patent-Related Matters?

The process of filing for and obtaining a patent is lengthy and expensive. USPTO application fees, legal fees, and drawing costs can drain a budget
IPFolio Competitors and Alternatives

IPFolio Competitors and Alternatives: Choosing the Best Patent Management Software for Medium-Sized Enterprises

IPFolio is a part of Clarivate’s broad product line. Coupled with two other tools from Clarivate – FoundationIP and Innography – IPFolio offers a complete
Checking the Status of Your Patent Applications at USPTO

How to Check the Status of Your Published and Unpublished Patent Applications at USPTO for Free? 

We recently shared a demo of the TIP tool with a prospect, an in-house intellectual property (IP) counsel. He is one in a five-member team
Idea Management Tools

6 Idea Management Tools for Innovation Driven Enterprises to Look at in 2023

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to
Ideapoint Anaqua Alternatives

3 ideaPoint Anaqua Competitors to Try in 2023

A good patent management software must: Minimize friction from innovators in submitting ideas for patenting Allow inventors, technical reviewers, managers, and patent counsel to edit

Invention Disclosure Form Word/Excel Template [Downloadable]

‘It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen’ – Scott Belsky Getting invention disclosures to capture your innovation is the first step of the

Five Best Idea Capture Software to Capture Innovative Ideas in Your Enterprise

Before we dig in, up for a story?  Nearly two decades ago, PepsiCo tasked its R&D department with finding a way to reduce sodium in
How Can You Reduce Your Outside Legal Services Fees

How Can You Reduce Your Outside Legal Services Fees?

Some outside patent firms have policies that make it easy and inexpensive to get information about your cases. But many of them will charge a
How Can You Increase Engagement with Innovators in the Enterprise

How Can You Increase Engagement with Innovators in the Enterprise?

Your developers’ goals do not always match up with your enterprise’s goals. Your inventors, engineers, scientists, and developers have short-term goals like: Product release dates
How Can You Build a Better Strategy for Patent Prosecution?

How Can You Build a Better Strategy for Patent Prosecution?

You have heard your patent lawyer talk about patent prosecution. But for most patent applicants, this process is a mystery. And if you do not
How Can You Stay on Top of Your Patent Portfolio?

How Can You Stay on Top of Your Patent Portfolio?

One of the most common problems with a patent portfolio, even a small one, is that everyone involved has a different metric for success. As
Promising Ideas for patent

How can you Shortlist and Select Promising Ideas for Patent?

Businesses innovate. But not all innovations make it past the brainstorming stage. Enhancing this process requires integrating tools like innovation management software to effectively capture
5 Things You Must Ask Your Attorney About The Patent Cost

5 Things You Must Ask Your Attorney About The Patent Cost

It is often difficult for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to estimate the cost of patenting an innovation, due to unforeseeable events that arise
13 top tools to manage your patentable ideas

13 Tools to Manage Your Patentable Ideas in 2023

“Many things can go wrong regarding the generation of IP wealth for your company. From the lack of participation from collaborators across several aspects of
Cost Estimates of filing Utility Patents

Cost Estimates for Filing Utility Patents in Top 7 Countries of the World in 2023

One of the core considerations in developing an international patent portfolio strategy is the cost of patent filing. The cost of patent filing varies per
Empowering your patenting decisions with PA

Empower Your Patenting Decisions With Patent Analytics for Better Returns

Obtaining a patent is a complicated and lengthy process, with many factors influencing whether or not an application will be successful. Navigating through this complexity