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9 Best Intellectual Property Management Software For Businesses In 2021

Tracking your Intellectual Property from the idea stage to the commercialization stage is an ordeal, involving high risks with no room for inadvertent errors. Storing

Salesforce and Jira Alternative for IP Management

“Using Excel, Jira or Salesforce for IP Management is like using a handkerchief in place of a specially designed protective mask to keep the virus
Are Excel Spreadsheets Apt for IP Management

7 Reasons Why Managing your Intellectual Property Assets on Excel Spreadsheet is a Bad Idea

“You have a broken patent mining process if you are still using excel spreadsheets for managing ideas through patents.” Managing ideas from innovation capture to

How Detailed Should Your Invention Disclosure Form Be?

Your IDF (Invention Disclosure Form) needs to be as detailed as needed by your organization. “If the form is too long, your innovators might disengage

7 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid while Patenting a Mobile App

Patenting a mobile app can be tricky, but it’s important to do so before releasing it to the public. If you don’t patent your app

12 Essential Features of IP Management Software

Pro Tip: Patent analytics is one of the essential features of IP management software to fetch actionable intelligence! It is no secret that to stay

Fields in an Invention Disclosure Form: The Master List

“Fields in an invention disclosure form must be chosen to maximize the engagement from inventors.” What is an Invention Disclosure Form (IDF)? An invention disclosure

Invention Disclosure Sample: Open Your Patent Pipeline Right

‘It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen’ – Scott Belsky Getting invention disclosures to capture your innovation is the first step of the

Idea Evaluation: 6 Questions to ask while Selecting Ideas for Patents

Is your ideas to budget ratio usually skewed – in favor of ideas? Evaluating ideas for patentability becomes a brain-drain exercise in such a scenario.

5 Ways To Get Effective Invention Disclosures from Your R&D Team

Getting effective invention disclosures is a challenge if your inventors don’t engage with the innovation capture process. As an innovation manager, you need to fill

Top 5 IdeaScale Alternatives You Must Know in 2021

With more than 25,000 customers and 4.5 million users, IdeaScale has been the pioneer in innovation management. The numbers are a testament that it has
guide to patent reward program

A Guide to Launching a Patent Incentive Program

Innovation is anything but business as usual. Here’s a step-by-step guide to launching a patent incentive program to promote innovation.  Here’s an effective 4 point
Become a disruptive innovator by mastering these 5 discovery skills

22 Tips to Master the 5 Skills of Disruptive Innovators

History is evident that disruptive innovators have the ability to change the world for better; be it Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk… In his
Patent Stratgies SMEs can learn from Large Companies

IP Strategies SMEs Can Learn From Large Companies

IP strategies could be defined as establishing a plan of action to maximize the returns on IP investments. Let’s explore how SMEs can implement the
Innovation in Aerogels - SCAMPER - Idea Generation

Innovations in Aerogels – SCAMPER for Idea Generation

Learn how innovations in aerogels by Blueshift, Graphene, Krosslinker, Kalwall and …. can help you come up with the next generation of technologies.    Looking for
Do’s & Don’ts For Invention Disclosures

Invention Disclosures | Enablers and Blockers

Not enough invention disclosures? Your patent program may fall apart if your inventors are not submitting enough ideas to feed the pipeline toward patenting. The
7 Ways to Get More Invention Disclosures

7 Surefire Ways To Get More Invention Disclosures

“Getting more invention disclosures is an uphill task since inventors and paperwork usually do not go together very well.” If your organization is not able
Patent Monetization Busting the Myths

Patent Monetization: Busting the Myth | Idea = Money

People buy businesses. They don’t buy patents. The news will tell you about the one guy who won the lottery but never about the thousands
Designing A Winning Innovation Management System

Innovation Management Software | Ideas To Patents

A winning innovation management software for your journey from ideas to patents! The 50 Most Innovative Companies Of 2020 As per a research conducted by

Patent Mining: 5 Ways To Go About It At Your Enterprise

As a patent portfolio manager, you want to keep abreast of innovations within the enterprise. You want to detect and capture likely patentable innovation early
Seeking Investment using Patents Triangle IP

How To Seek Investment Using Patents?

Seeking investment using patents? Is a patent enough? Myth: Having a patent is enough to seek investment! The Hard Truth: Sorry to break this to
6 Ways to Strengthen Your Patent Portfolio

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Patent Portfolio

The other day I was speaking to a portfolio manager at a large enterprise.  He was given a task to enhance the patent portfolio for

3 Ingredients of High-Quality Patent Application

Understanding and decoding a patent can feel like reading a foreign language. Patent claims are littered with legalese and hard to parse. We might rely

Does My Company Need A Global Patent Portfolio Strategy?

A global patent portfolio strategy depends on the vision of the enterprise. The three main considerations are: Market Expansion in Different Geographies. Patenting Costs Vs
5 Legal Tech Innovations to Empower Patent Attorney

5 Innovations In IP Domain To Empower Patent Attorneys

Digitalisation Everywhere Today I wish to share with you guys an interesting instance that happened with me last week. One of us was sneezing non-stop
Triangle IP - Is my IP strategy headed in right direction?

How do you develop an IP strategy for your company?

As a fledgling company looking to make your mark, you have to be defensive. The lawsuits are quite a costly affair and can certainly be
Patents vs Tradesecrets which way to go

Patents Vs. Trade Secrets: Which Way To Go?

Patents Vs Trade Secrets | Choose Wisely! ‘Patents are expensive, why don’t we just trade secret everything?’ If this is a thought and cost cutting
10 Types of Innovation

10 Types of Innovation To Drive Growth at your Company

“80% of executives think that their current business models are at risk.” – according to McKinsey. Executives also feel a lack of clarity on what
Evaluating an idea management tool

5 Factors to Evaluate An Idea Management Tool | IP Strategy

Logically speaking, any investment is worth only if it reaps great returns. A study by Accenture suggests 62% percent of high-growth companies plan to invest
Everything about you IP cost in US

Types of Intellectual Property & Related Costs – Triangle IP

A Quick Overview: Types of IP Type of Intellectual Property (IP) protection needed for an invention depends on the nature of invention. Each of 4

Protect Your IP Before Your Co-Founder Leaves Your Startup

“Remember co-founders are also employees who are privy to confidential information. A leaving co-founder may pose a significant threat to your IP. We bring to

5 Strategies To Reduce Patent Expenditure

“Reduce Patent Expenditure”: Have we read your mind? The on-going pandemic has drastically affected the availability of resources for discretionary expenses such as patents. It
Everything about USPTO patent center

Everything You Should Know About USPTO Patent Center

USPTO Patent Center – A Great Initiative! The patent community has long been short-changed by the issues marred by missing or inconsistent patent data. The
7 key benefits of an Idea Management System

7 Key Benefits an Idea Management Software Provides to a Business

For businesses to excel in existing markets and penetrate deeper into new marketplaces, they need to utilize the capabilities of their workforce to the optimum.
Encouraging innovative thinking at workplace

7 ways to Encourage Innovative Thinking at Your Workplace

The start-up culture is on a boom, and with the launch of several innovative steps, many concepts unimagined a few years earlier have forayed in
Patent strategy for your software startup

Ultimate Patent Strategy for your Software Startup (Comprehensive Guide)

As any tech company has learned over the years, securing new patents can be a very frustrating, challenging process and it’s not getting any easier.
Controlling patent cost without compromising on patent

How to control patent costs without compromising on your patent?

Filing a patent application has long been known as the best protection for an invention, but it has become extremely expensive. Some of the costs
Can blockchain shift control back to users

User Privacy: Can Blockchain really shift the control back to users?

With every browsing session and every online purchase, you are leaving footprints and creating ample amounts of data. Indeed, your personal information is now mostly

Answers To 25 Most Searched Patent Related Questions

Every enterprise needs to explain basic terminology and commonly asked questions.  You would be surprised how the most basic questions are never asked. To get
Foreign Patent Filings Strategy and Insights

Foreign Patent Filing: 5 Strategies to Develop an International Patent Portfolio

Should you protect your invention in 4 countries or 16 countries or 100 countries? If you ask your patent attorney, the typical advice is to
6 Things to Know Before Hiring a Patent Attorney

6 Things to Know Before Hiring a Patent Attorney

So, you want to hire a patent attorney to protect your new innovation. It could be for AI, Blockchain, Machine learning, IoT, or some other