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Take data driven decisions to make the most of your patenting budgets

Get information like cost predictions, estimated time of allowance, examiner and law firm statistics for actionable intelligence. At Triangle IP, we are offering patent case reports with all this information.

Learn How Patent Data Backs Your Patenting Decisions

Patent Only if Invention Stands a Good Chance

Determine the chances of your success at the patent office with the intelligence that the TIP tool gathers by studying millions of applications.

Allocate IP Budget Based on Predicted Patent Costs

Find out how much will a patent cost you over the years inclusive of filing fee, attorney fee, maintenance fee, etc.

Fast Track Your Patent Application based on product/feature roll-outs

With the TIP tool you can get an estimate on time for allowance. The TIP tool uses deep learning mechanisms to make predictions as accurate as possible.

Know Your Examiner Better To Prosecute Efficiently

Choose the right course of action by knowing how an examiner might respond to it. Use analytics to prosecute patent applications efficiently.

Is your patent application stalled at the patent office?

After applying for a patent there is typically a long wait. A wait that’s filled with uncertainty and unanswered questions. 

Take the uncertainty out by requesting an analytics report on your case today!

Yet to Apply for a Patent?

Patents are expensive. Spend your patenting budget wisely. Take data-backed decisions.

Use the TIP tool to get predictions on likelihood, cost, and time to allowance based on the invention summary.
No credit card required. No setup fees. No need to download.

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